Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Voter's Guide to the End Times

Folk hero, punk godmother, art terrorist & Rochester native Lydia Lunch just published a guide to the 2008 elections for 3AM magazine. It dispenses with endorsements altogether to provide some much deeper truths.

War is as old as God himself. And the War is never over. The War is never ending. The War is just an orgy of blood and guts masterminded by testosterone-fueled dirty old men that get off on fucking the entire fucking planet. This is the REAL PORNOGRAPHY. An outrageous cockfight fought by gung-ho cowboys who have drawn a line in the sand and will challenge anyone to a duel foolish enough to threaten resistance against the advent of the rodeo mind.

Check it out. And register to vote right here.


David Golightly said...

Wow, this is incredible. Puts the whole election in perspective. Thank you.

Slavin James said...

now that's some good shit.