Friday, September 12, 2008

Some Photos of That Day

In 1979, a young New York film student named Jamie Livingston decided to take one Polaroid image every day of his life. He died 18 years later, never missing a day. The resulting album is archived on this fascinating and deeply moving website.

The site, lovingly compiled by Livingston's friend Hugh Crawford, features one photo for every day between March 1979 and October 1997. There is no commentary or captions, just the strange and compelling photos of friends, family, landscapes, beaches, buildings, graffiti, TV screens, parking lots and swimming pools.

Livingston himself regularly pops up, doing ordinary stuff like eating dinner or doing unusual things like playing music on the street or holding a skinned goat. Then, in 1997, events take a dark turn. There are pictures of the photographer in a hospital, then with a long scar across his head. In October there is a picture of a gold ring, then two days later a wedding ceremony. After that he's back in the hospital with some of the friends from the early photos around his bedside. On October 25 the series ends. The photographer has died.

This beautiful collection of photos forms a unique legacy of a life and a touching souvenir of thousands of tiny details that would otherwise have been completely lost to time.

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Andrew Kim said...

Hey Gurldoggie,

Thanks for this post. It's haunting and beautiful. Really enjoy finding out about the odd and lovely side of the art world via your posts.