Sunday, September 28, 2008

Attending Mass

As Friday afternoon rolled around, it was tough deciding whether to stay at the Rendezvous and watch the presidential debate or join the monthly Critical Mass bikeride. Man, did I make the right choice. As far as I could tell afterward, the debate went absolutely nowhere while Critical Mass covered some 10 miles of new ground. Around 300 people showed up to take advantage of the warm autumn night. After half a dozen sweeping loops around and through downtown, the ride headed due south on 1st Avenue, past Safeco Field, across the Spokane Street Bridge, over Harbor Island, and finally to Alki Beach in West Seattle after nightfall. Glorious. We're not gonna have too many more nights like that one, I'm glad I made the most of it. There are still two more debates in which Obama may yet crush old man McCain like a worm.

As always, some fantastic pics from eagle eye photographer The Corey.

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