Friday, September 5, 2008

9/11 at 1412

The reborn Gallery 1412 in Seattle is nothing if not eclectic. The mercurial arts venue at 18th & Union has gone through more guises than I can possibly count, and is currently experiencing a very interesting and productive renaissance. At present, 1412 is a communally owned, free of charge, all ages performance space. That wide ranging mission has allowed 1412 to welcome all manner of artists and experimenters to try their hands at curating shows and music events. Just looking at the September calendar, for example, brings a rarely seen Cuban surrealist film from the 1970's, an intimate appearance from much-in-demand Seattle trombonist and composer Chris Stover, and this great looking quadruple bill on September 11.

VxPxC is an improvisational threesome from Los Angeles and Kansas City described as "a smog cloud of tones and voices... somewhere between a relaxation tape and a overloaded funhouse ride."

Warm Climate performs selections from 20th century avant-garde composers with guitars, clarinets, vocals, and found sounds.

Paintings for Animals
brings field recordings, live radio, mixer feedback, throat singing, vocal blips, clicks, chants & the buzz of electronics.

And if your cup wasn't already running over, Wind Swept Planes offer only this: "Shards of broken glass reflecting the moon through ancient forests while the sun burns down hotly from above. Melting wax faces revealing the skulls of lost children, finding their final resting place amongst the burning winds. Total horror creep doom folk microtonal drone skull crush soul belt."

The doors, at 1412 18th ave, open at 8pm, and the organizers suggest a modest donation of 5-15 bucks. Watch their website for announcements of further experiments and try to catch a show or two before the space metamorphoses once again.

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