Friday, April 23, 2010

World Pinhole Day

This Sunday, April 25 is the 10th annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Pinhole photography is a venerated low-tech hobby that uses a simple camera with no lens. Instead, the homemade cameras use a very small aperture which projects an image upon film or paper. The imprecise mechanisms can produce beautifully unpredictable images. The pinhole enthusiast Dippold has very clever and concise instructions and a template that you can download to make your own camera out of cardboard. Pinhole camera clubs around the world are sponsoring events all week. The nearest events to Seattle are in Westport and Wenatchee, but you can visit the World Pinhole Photo Day website to find classes and events near you.

Thanks to Cloudy Images for the pinhole portrait of St. Paul's Cathedral!

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