Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Dee

Baby Dee is one of the very best transgendered tall-bike riding, piano-playing classically trained harpists to emerge in decades. The charismatic performer spent ten years as music director and organist for a church in the Bronx before joining the circus as the bilateral hermaphrodite at Coney Island. From there it was an easy jump to become the bandleader for the Bindlestiff Family Circus followed by a stint with the Kamikaze Freak Show in Europe, and her star turn on the streets of New York City riding a high-rise tricycle while playing a concert harp. For all of her unusual talents, it's Baby Dee's singing voice that is most astounding, swinging from an operatic bellow to a witchy cackle to a polished croon to the intimate whispers of a storytelling grandparent, conjuring lightness and hope out of an omnipresent darkness.

Baby Dee currently lives in seclusion, having taken vows as a novitiate of the Little Sisters of Crabby Doom - a Cleveland based order dedicated to the care of smelly old men. She comes out of hiding to play at the Triple Door on April 28. Tickets are just $12 and available here.

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