Sunday, April 4, 2010

Star Wars Uncut

I love this idea. A team of 473 movie makers and animators are in the process of recreating the first Star Wars film, 15 seconds at a time. Masterminds Aaron Valdez and Casey Pugh have split the entire movie into 473 equal length clips. Any film maker in the world - professional, amateur or certified lunatic - can claim a scene, film it, and upload it. When every scene has been recreated, the auteurs will stitch them together into a new feature length film - Star Wars Uncut.

At this point, about 80% of the film has been claimed. I watched a handful of scenes - some of which are great, some of which are mediocre, and some of which defy description. I quite like this one from Montreal animator Malcolm Sutherland.

Stay tuned to watch the whole thing!

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Bikejuju said...

What an awesome idea!