Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zoobomb Goes Semi-Legit

I've raved on about Zoobomb before - the unique Portland tradition in which people take kids' bikes on a public elevator up to the tallest hill in the city and then ride downhill as fast as possible past the zoo and into downtown Portland. It's a great way to spend a Sunday night and an awesome spectacle to behold, fully legal yet inevitably angering cops and drivers. One of the issues that has grown into a sore spot is that the zoobombers leave all the kids bikes - sometimes as many as 40 of them - locked up to a single bike rack across the street from Powell's books downtown. The city has been threatening for years to cut all the locks and throw away all the bikes, and a local reactionary politician maintained a failed push for a misguided law mandating no more than 6 bikes to a rack.

Over the last three years or so the Zoobombers have worked with Mayor Sam Adams, the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) and the Bureau of Transportation to secure $10,000 worth of public money for an officially recognized and sanctioned public art work that also serves as a brand new bike rack. Portland artists Vanessa Renwick and Brian Borrello led the design process, and they're keeping the new shape under wraps until the grand opening this Friday, May 29. The parade to the opening meets at 4:00 at the Old Pyle, and processes to the New Pyle two blocks away at 13th and Burnside. The opening ceremony will feature a dedication by Mayor Adams, performances by bike dance teams The Sprockettes and Chain Reaction, and a whole mess of swag. As always, animal costumes are encouraged and donations of working mini-bikes are gratefully accepted!

Thanks to Bike Portland for the pic!


Anonymous said...

reveal the design!!!

Gurldoggie said...

Check it out - here's some pics of the new pyle.