Saturday, May 9, 2009


The Vermillion Gallery in Seattle has been working for months with the curators Jose Tapia, Damion Hayes and Julio Guerrero to create one hell of a group show, called "Desmadre," which opens this Thursday, May 14. The show features new works by 18 emerging Latino artists from the U.S. and across the hemisphere working in pen and ink, spraypaint, photography, tattoo ink, music, video, and just about every modern medium. The goal of the ambitious exhibition is to "shed light on a growing movement amongst Latino artists who are exploring and incorporating cultural roots while creating work that expresses the 21st century realities and complexities of life." The name "Desmadre" is a brilliant pun, somewhat untranslatable into English, meaning both "overflowing the borders" and also "movement without limits," a very clever way of describing this immense and powerful body of work.

In addition to putting this show together, the curators have been producing a great blog for several months, loaded with images and interviews. Late last week, the blog posted this "desmadrado" video flyer for the show. Don't miss this exhibit, running until June 6. It's gonna be a knock out.

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