Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Save Peter Case

Peter Case has been an underground musical icon since forming The Nerves in the late 70's, writing some early songs for Blondie, then scoring big with The Plimsouls in the 1980's. He's been living an on-again off-again existence as a solo artist ever since. Like so many musicians with a small bit of name recognition and not much else, Peter reached his 50's with zero health insurance. He underwent emergency heart surgery last month, and his medical costs have put him in a dreadful position, so he's asking us for help.

Check out his work on line, listen to "A Case for Case", the 3-volume Peter Case tribute album, maybe read his memoir about growing up punk in California ("As Far As Your Can Get Without A Passport,") or just donate a few bucks to his cause at Hidden Love Medical. Just five dollars from a few of the many people who have enjoyed Case's music and his presence would make a big difference for this talented and hard working man who hasn't had much luck recently.

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