Friday, March 13, 2009

Unnatural Histories

Out of Thorp, Washington comes Justin Gibbens, a highly skilled wildlife artist with a decided focus on the "wild." His uncanny work is a pitch perfect imitation of conventional 18th and 19th century zoological illustration, but with curious and unsettling modifications. With watercolor and gouache he depicts four headed geese, amphibious horses, and detailed anatomical studies of Bovinus giraffa and other animals that don't exist. His latest series, Birds of Paradise, is a creepy mediation on birds and their mutations. At the G. Gibson Gallery in Seattle until April 18th.

From Seattle, but currently living in New York, Parskid is in town for an opening of his work at Schmancy toystore and gallery on Friday March 13. The street painter and toy designer is becoming increasingly well known for his beautiful renderings of the strange world hidden within the gloomy forests of the Pacific Northwest. Since he's been back in Seattle, Parskid has painted a few new pieces on walls and alleys around the city. For example, this strange figure popped up on the walls of 'Tubs' in the U District.

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