Monday, March 16, 2009

Place Your Bids!

Theater director Richard Foreman — the creator of expressionist spectacles so brilliant, so inspired, so lunatic that no one has ever adequately described one — is letting go of some of his famously baroque prop pieces in an online auction that starts today. The auction includes a Large Hypnotic Heart ("Viewed by some as a melancholic target and others as a spellbinding vortex pulling them into a trance"), Bejeweled Axes ("The masculinity and destructive quality of the Axes reverberates against the femininity of the plumage and the multi-colored jewels") and a Jewish Fish Wrapped in Silk ("The gold and green fish, wrapped in silk with Hebrew a little atom of total potentiality.") Even if you have no room for an 8 foot tall feathered ax, the site is worth visiting for the descriptions alone.

Foreman's latest offering, Astronome, plays in New York City through April 5. He also recently released the handsome DVD Compilation Sophia: The Cliffs and 35+ Year Retrospective Compilation, which casts an eye back over a truly mind-boggling career.

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