Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boom Box Bikes

The boom box bicycle is coming into its own as a phenomenon of urban culture. It can be tricky mounting a decent (ie. LOUD) portable sound system to a bicycle, but tinkerers from around the world are increasingly up to the challenge. From impromptu street dance parties to Critical Mass rides, boom box bikes are a growing component of the cityscape.

Oobject has got a nice photo compilation of boom box bikes, and the gear heads over at Instructables recently posted detailed instructions for pimping your own ride.

The documentary "Made in Queens" follows a group of imaginative audiophiles and bike geeks from Trinidad, now living in NYC, who rigged enormous stereo systems onto their ordinary bmx and mountain bikes. The film, celebrating America's first stereobike crew, is currently on the festival circuit and I'm crossing my fingers that it makes it to Seattle as part of SIFF. In the meantime, check out this bitchin' (though far too short) trailer. Maybe I'll see you at Critical Mass?

(This post is deciated to longtime Gurldoggie reader and boombox biker WW.)


Little Rudy said...

these guys should come to DC -- think of how much more energized demonstrations would be with a crew of boombox bikers - yeah!

The Corey said...

I wonder if William has seen this. I think this is a good plan for that fancy bike you are getting from Europe.

suzanne said...

Just heard the news! Congrats on your new baby girl! Happy day!!!!!!!