Thursday, May 29, 2008

?uestlove @ Neumo's

This looks quite promising.

?uestlove, the brilliant longtime drummer for the Roots, is DJing a set at Neumos on Thursday June 5. The showing is being hosted by Roots MC Black Thought.

The Roots are a unique bunch, having formed in Philadelphia in 1993 as a music and politics collective centered around a four-piece jazz combo with an MC. To this day the Roots are wonderfully musical and unapologetically political.

Despite being firmly planted in the hip hop world, they hardly use samples at all, and can swell to a 15-piece jazz orchestra on stage. The band is currently fund raising for the campaign of Barack Obama. The set in Seattle is promoting the Roots new album Rising Down which was released just a few weeks ago.

The show is being produced by Culture Mob, a locally created social networking site. I have no idea if the site is any good, but I do know that they are giving away passes to this show as part of the deal. Are free tickets worth surrendering your personal details one more time? You be the judge.

Here's some video from the Roots' appearance on Letterman on April 30. That's ?uestlove drumming and rapping at the very beginning of the clip. Peace.

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stewed prune said...

Hey thanks for posting this! love The Letterman appearance!