Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

Seattle puppeteer and playwright Scot Augustson has been performing shadow puppetry for 10 years under the name "Sgt. Rigsby and His Amazing Silhouettes." The writing and aesthetic have evolved considerably since Scot's early days of struggle at the Annex Theatre, but the best Sgt. Rigsby episodes still proudly feature horny preachers, merry drunks, lovable hookers and operatic chickens.

Sgt. Rigsby's most recent show, A Boy in the Beastly City, which played at the Theatre Off Jackson in February, has been brilliantly filmed and turned into a two-part online epic. Newly recorded music and sound effects are by the much beloved Circus Contraption Band. The show is bawdy, witty, nostalgic, and profoundly fun. And you can only see it on Sgt. Rigsby's website.

And speaking of silhouettes, extraordinarily clever graphic designer Wilhelm Staehle has been busily expanding his ouevre over at Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre. Staehle exposes even more of his warped and nostalgic worldview at his blog, The Dollar Dreadful Family Library. "There is something to be found for all, be it occult adventures, mysterious crimes, woodsmen, foreign lands, or domestic disputes!"

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