Monday, May 12, 2008

Pedal Pushing

The seventh annual Pedalpalooza takes place in and around Portland from June 12-28. This event is growing by leaps and bounds, and now features 192 events over 20 days. Events range from family friendly to drunk-and-nasty. There's the Stumpdown Joustdown ("a call to arms for the Pacific Northwest's finest bicycle jousters") on Saturday the 14th; the Great Tricycle Race on the 15th (Prizes for the best dressed tricycle); the Zombie Cycle Rampage ("Learn to ride with a noticeable limp, a faraway stare, a droopy-walkingdead-sneer.") on the 21st; and of course, Zoobomb every Sunday.

Much much much more on the massive events calendar here.

The poster was just released this weekend and features a gorgeous stencil, of all things, by Portland artist (via Brazil) Tiago DeJerk. DeJerk himself is hosting a stencil ride on Monday the 15th after dark. Bring spray paint!


Drica DeJerk said...

Hey there! Drica DeJerk here... otherwise known as Mrs. DeJerk. Thanks for the heads up about Tiago's work! Did you come to the stencil ride? Man, was it a blast! One little thing... DeJerk's from Brazil, not Italy. Although, he is quite the stallion!

Thanks again!

Gurldoggie said...

Noted. Thanks Drica!