Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yo La Tengo Murders the Classics

The world's greatest radio station, WFMU from East Orange New Jersey, is in the midst of their annual fund drive, and I am happy to promote them as a worthy cause.

Also on the list of supporters, the world's greatest cover band, Yo La Tengo, are playing your cover song requests in exchange for a minimum pledge of $100. This Thursday from 9am to noon East Coast time, the Yo Las will be beaming in live from Berlin. Good Samaritans can use this link to get your request in early, and listen here to see what they do to your favorite song.

If you can't play the radio at work, or don't have $100 to contribute, you can buy a ticket for just $20 to see Yo La Tengo live in Seattle on May 17th. But they won't be taking requests.

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