Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dinosaur Saints & Humble Robots

Speaking of Adam Ende, what has that guy been up to?

As it happens, Adam has been traveling with his son Cornsnake as part of their father and son puppet troupe, Jawbone Puppet Theater. Together they adapt stories of Franz Kafka, reinterpret African American folk tales with dinosaurs, explode in Spanish political rants, and share a gorgeous story about 16th century Peruvian saint San Martin de Porres. Adam designs the puppets and 5-year-old Cornsnake serves as love interest and musical director.

The two of them have been crossing the United States in a van along with Puerto Rican puppet troupe Poncili Company, who present their own subversive, thought provoking and occasionally shocking spectacles made of cardboard.

The 5-person circus recently wrapped up a two-month multi-city tour of New England, the Atlantic coast and the deep South, and are gearing up for their Spring and Summer tour across the northern states, Pacific Northwest and California. Touring libraries, farm markets, left wing book stores, underground enclaves and parking lots, they are probably headed your way before you know it. Watch their regularly updated facebook page for exact dates and locations.

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