Friday, July 23, 2010

Montana / Escif

Montana Colors is arguably the world´s finest maker of spraypaint. The paint is made exclusively in Barcelona, in an insanely huge range of colors, can sizes, and paint pressures. Since first coming across Montana years ago I´ve always sought it out, often paying top dollar to have the stuff shipped from NYC. When in Europe I buy the little "Montana Alien" cans when I see them, and stuff them in my pockets until an opportune moment presents itself. In 2002, Montana got big enough to move beyond their simple factory and warehouse and opened a retail store and gallery in central Barna which features beautiful and large displays of street artists from around theplanet.

Now that Montana paint is freely available in Seattle, mostly courtesy of the fine people at Art Primo, I no longer suffer with the temptation of bringing a suitcase full of spraypaint on the airplane home. However, I´m looking forward to another trip to the shop and gallery, not least because the end of my vacation coincides with a new exhibition by Barcelona graffiti hero Escif, known for his graphically simple but conceptually complex images of discourse and dissent.

The show runs from July 29 to September 13. Lots more from Escif here and here.

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