Monday, May 10, 2010

Punk Rock Flea Market!

The next Punk Rock Flea Market is just around the corner, returning to the Underground Events Center on June 5. The PRFM is basically unstoppable at this point, getting bigger and better with every incarnation. It's Seattle's best flea market in my opinion, welcoming vendors and purveyors of music, movies, clothing, toys, furniture, jewelry, soap, candles, computers, radios, books, belt buckles, balloon animals, bike parts, vintage porn, ceramics, roller skates, spray paint, incense, cupcakes, pickles, arts, crafts, pretty much anything you got.

A few good changes this time around - the event is now open to all ages all day, and the bands are going to play outdoors so that there can be live music DURING the market. Seems like a better way to take advantage of the sunshine and it will hopefully get a bigger crowd in to see the bands.

Like always, the space has been generously loaned for the day by the good folks at the Low Income Housing Institute, a non-profit organization that builds homes for homeless and low-income people all around the Puget Sound. Table fees and entry donations go to them.

The glorious poster for PRFM #8 was put together by Chelsea Conboy a damn talented young designer who also just completed all the design work for Bumbershoot 2010!

There's still some selling spaces left, but get word back to the organizers quick if you want a booth, and keep your eyes on Gurldoggie for up-to-the-minute info on bands, vendors and taco truck appearances.

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