Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kid's Bike Swap

The annual Kid's Bike Swap takes place this Saturday, May 8 at Genesee Playfield in Columbia City.

Kids are invited to bring their old bikes and trade up or down for their next bike.
The Bike Swap is one component of Bike Works’ non-profit mission to facilitate the flow of affordable bicycles within the community while preventing fully functional bikes from ending up in landfills. The unique event provides families with a cost-effective way to trade an outgrown bike for one that provides another season of riding. Each bike that is brought to be swapped is assigned a trade value, which can then be applied towards a “new” bike. Generally, children leave with a new bike costing no more $12. Families looking to buy a bike without a trade-in are welcome at noon.

About 120 families come out for the swap each year, many of them regulars who return every spring. Genesee Playfield is at 43rd Ave. S. and South Genesee Street. Get there early to get a good deal!

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Tom aka Bikejuju said...

There was a TWISTER! Click my name for the Seattle Times article.