Friday, February 26, 2010

Ouch My Eye

Ouch My Eye is a physically small but conceptually huge gallery existing in the unnamed Seattle interzone between Pioneer Square and the Stadiums. Over the past 3 years Ouch My Eye has mounted dozens of carefully curated group and solo shows, unafraid to tackle subjects as diverse as Art vs. Science, contemporary furniture design and "9/11 Truth." This month brings the 2nd Annual Invitational Exhibit with artists chosen based on their affinity with the mission of Ouch My Eye: "Creative people dedicated to un-orthodox work guided by a passion to create regardless of education, affiliation, or past accomplishment." This beautifully assembled exhibit features work by Charles Kraft (shown here), Chris McMullen, Joe Vollan, John Lewis, Lynn Schirmer, Mike Klay, Ryohei Hase and Tracy Boyd

Opens this Saturday, February 27th, at Ouch My Eye, 1022 1st Ave S. in Seattle.

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