Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Head Like an Espresso Truck

I like the sound of this.

"Head Like an Espresso Truck" is a one-night-only event featuring Seattle bands Fresh Espresso, Head Like a Kite and Truckasauras. It would be a good line-up at any time - all three bands are Seattle music makers gaining some serious attention. While they've all got their roots in hip hop, all three bands are serious experimenters, finding new ways to take the driving beats and cultural awareness of hip hop in new directions. And blessedly, all three bands have a great sense of humor about themselves and their work. This particular show finds all three bands on stage at the same time. As the event website has it: "No headliners. No set changes. 3 bands all set up onstage mixing it up. Fresh over Truck. Truck on Kite. Kite doing Fresh. And everyone all in."

At Neumo's, Friday February 12th, 9:00 PM. Tickets just $10.

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