Friday, November 13, 2009

Oscillating Field

On Halloween night, on the corner of E. Denny and Broadway in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, sculptor Dan Corson put the finishing touches on a splendid temporary installation. As part of the Sound Transit STart public art program, Corson was commissioned to place more than 3000 1/4" fiberglass rods of various heights in the then empty asphalt lot. The top of each rod is painted orange and the poles are spaced every 18" on a 100' x 65' grid, creating a topographical field.

Starting each night at 6pm lasers scan the Field to create patterns of light atop and across the poles. It's a mesmerizing effect.

Photographer Corey Scherrer worked with Corson on both installing the project and documenting the process. He published a gorgeous series of photos on his Picasa site here. At the end of November, the site will be turned over to the contractor in order to start construction on the Capitol Hill light rail station.

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The Corey said...

Thanks for the plug! It was a great project and a short video can be seen here: