Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Say Nix!

For my 2 cents Joey Nix is the hardest working street artist in Seattle. As far as I've been able to count, in 2009 alone Joey has painted 3 large murals, painted an exquisite stairwell in the Moore Hotel as part of the "Moore Inside Out" project, contributed one whole room and two full hallways to the City Hostel Seattle, mounted 3 group exhibitions, 1 solo show, and has served as curator for the Whiskey Bar's ongoing series of exhibitions and performances. His reworking of the logo for Seattle's Juju Lounge was followed by a luminous series of hand painted vintage girlie postcards and mug shots of famous arrestees. And somewhere in the mix, he also found time to paint the Frank's Produce truck which has been circling the city delivering fruits and veggies.

And of course this is to say nothing of the street work that he may or not have done under an alias during the same period.

Seattle has its share of talented graffiti artists, but very few have the drive and talent to turn street writing into a legitimate career. Mad props to Joey Nix for working so damn hard to create such beautiful work. Nix's next show is a collaboration with the street artist Bingo, opening at the Whiskey Bar on November 15th.

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