Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Large and Local

A few gallery shows in town featuring local artists which are well worth your time.

Sculptor Scott Fife uses shredded cardboard, paper pulp, and wood screws to powerful effect. His new show at the Platform Gallery, American Beauty, compares the King of Rock & Roll to the King of the Dinosaurs. As always, Fife's work is simultaneously clever, crude and graceful. Despite exposing every element that goes into the work - you can see the tracks of wood glue down the surface of his sculptures- you can't help but wonder how the hell he does it. Up until October 10.

At Belltown's Sumaya Space Seattle sculpture artist Dan Corson has installed a hypnotic new piece called Grotesque Arabesque. Corson, who is known for public installation works such as the Wave Rave Cave beneath the Highway 99 Viaduct and the green and black striped spires at the Sound Transit Maintenance Facility, has assembled a room-sized sculpture of mirrors and electroluminescent strips on bent steel that transform the gallery into a disorienting labyrinth of light. Up until December 18th.

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