Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hormiga Libertaria Recap

One hell of a show on Saturday night at the Underground Events Center. The Hormiga Libertaria crew out of Mexico City, working with the Cascadia punk network and members of 206 Zulu put on 6 straight hours of extraordinary entertainment.

Alternating stages throughout the night, Silver Shadow D kicked things off, followed by Krakatoa and a BLISTERING set from Orbitron who not only rocked the mic for more than a half hour with his cousin Moses Lateef, but the two then took over the dance floor for an astoundingly energetic b-boy performance. The Mongoloid Men, Tulsi & RVIVR kept things lively until well into the morning, with the always appropriate Specs Wizard leading a group toast to the destruction of property. "It takes all kinds yo. Me, I like to write on your walls. Here's to vandalism."

It may have seemed like an uneasy combination at first, combining the furious energy of punk with the smooth subversion of hip hop, but the whole night really WORKED. The Underground was just packed with talented and hardworking artists with something to say and the passion to say it. It was a real testament to acceptance that the punks gave it up for the zulus, and the b-boys stuck around for the hardcore. It was an experiment well worth trying, and dammit we're gonna do it again.

Did the Mexican Anarchists raise enough money to buy that printing press? Hell if I know, but it sure was fun. More about Hormiga Libertaria here. More photos from the event here and here. Watch this space for upcoming shows. Peace.

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