Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The End of Northland

Some very sad news out of Minneapolis. The Northland Poster Collective is closing. The venerable union print shop and non-profit organization had been working for more thirty years to create the images and print the posters that came to define the look of American civil rights struggles. Since the days of the Vietnam War, the artists at Northland have maintained important and powerful relationships with a huge number of organizers, activists, students, teachers, leaders and members of unions, immigrant rights groups, GLBTQ organizers, farmers, women’s rights groups, and many many other groups caught up in one battle or another. They've been part of community strategy sessions, designed demonstrations with high-school students and taught screen printing behind bars. Basically, for anyone who has come of political age since Nixon, Northland has always been there. “After three decades of working to undermine Wall Street, it finally fell on us,” explained founding member Ricardo Levins Morales.

The bittersweet silver lining is that they are selling off their entire stock at 50% off, all of which is posted on their website. Act fast to get some utterly unique items that may never be available again. And keep your eye on Life After Northland for future endeavors.

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