Monday, June 29, 2009

Bloody Henry

Seattle puppeteer Brian Kooser is currently in London, researching locations, costumes and period language for his upcoming epic "Bloody Henry," a puppet show "wildly based" on the life and times of King Henry VIII. Kooser has working steadily on his craft for years - through his journeyman efforts with Thistle Theatre, his group work with Monkey Wrench Puppet Lab, and his turns as the creator-in-chief of Frankenocchio and Dracula: A Case Study. Still, puppets have a hard time reaching a mainstream audience and Kooser's increasingly excellent work has garnered a cult following but has otherwise been ignored by local audiences and media. Bloody Henry may well be Kooser's breakthrough. The show has been awarded funding from the Seattle Arts Commission and Artists Trust, and Kooser has been laboring on the production all year as an Artist in Residence at Seattle University. Bloody Henry opens at SU's Lee Center on September 24, and Kooser will be showing selections from the work in progress at the Frye Art Museum on July 30th.

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