Friday, February 27, 2009

Zero Film Festival

The Zero Film Festival is a smart and timely idea. The touring film series is exclusively dedicated to showing self financed, zero-budget short films from around the world. Even in a city like Seattle which has a fair number of outlets for independent films, this is a niche which is basically ignored.

The Zero Film Festival is currently touring the west coast, with different programs in each of 6 cities. The festival is making an all-too-brief appearance in Seattle this Saturday night with two different screenings at the Northwest Film Forum at 7 and 9 pm.

Of the five films being shown in Seattle, three were made by local film makers. Journey Green Forest was created by Seattle film maker Richard Wellington who explained that "I had one rule, accept everything." Inside Every Moment Is Another Moment was filmed by Bellingham film maker Kacey Morrow, and Cafe Cut - Undone comes from Jane Meuter of Seattle. Alpha Maybe comes by way of New York and Chi Si Ferma E Perduto, filmed in Italy and Bolivia, tells the story of a Bolivian shoe-shiner searching for his missing foot.

I haven't seen any of 'em, but these all seem to be genuinely independent and idiosyncratic films by filmmakers who are taking artistic and personal risks in order to see their visions realized.

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