Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Save the Josephine!

The Josephine is an awesome little gig palace and nightclub, hidden away at 608 NW 65th st. in Ballard behind an obscure street level facade. Two refugees from Belltown's Rendezvous opened the club this summer, and they've already played host to dozens of local and national bands. Jason and Malachi, who run the place, are a rare breed of warm and non-judgemental concert promoters who just want to keep the bands coming in, the beer flowing, and the entrance price cheap. The place itself, which was built on the ashes of the Sun City Girls' longtime studio, feels like your cousin's living room complete with lamps and second-hand sofas. It's old school Seattle to a T, and it's well worth keeping around.

Which is why it's such a bummer to hear that the Josephine has already hit a wall financially, and they're talking about shutting the doors. We can't let it happen! The good people at COG-DIS Internet Radio are throwing the first of several benefit shows on Feb. 5. Show begins at 8 pm and the impressive roster of noise-rock bands includes Penetration Camp, Diseased Visions, Herpes Hideaway and Dr. Jones.

Just $10 to get in and worth every penny.

Photo of Dolomite at the Josephine by Invisible Hour who's got LOTS more Seattle event photos.

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