Monday, July 28, 2008

PRFM Follow Through

Another great Punk Rock Flea Market.

In the end, we had 70 vendors selling everything from comic books to hunting knives to pocket watches to Crass records. Among the scores of the day: Count Spankula had a huge collection of bootleg Residents recordings, and the "What would GG Allin do?" t-shirts went like hotcakes.

Local graffiti hero Heck showed up at the last minute to sell stickers and hand painted tiles and Bruce Pavitt, the founder of Subpop Records, made a killing and cleaned out his attic at the same time. The entertainment was spot on as well. We couldn't keep it all contained during the day, so DJ's Grindle and Isepp moved the sound system into the parking lot. Scott Adams showed up with his banjo for a few hours, and after the sun went down the music was insanely good. Heaping helpings of fantastic music from Geist & Samuel Joseph, the Wrecked Chords, T.V. Coahran and the hugely popular Suburban Vermin.

Hope you made it. If not, check out some great photos at espressobuzz or my flickr page, or visit the updated PRFM myspace page (thanks to The Corey.) Keep an eye on Gurldogg for news of the next one. Peace out!

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The Corey said...

and I got more shiny bits and hats yay!