Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kode9 from Outer Space

Back in the late nineties, Scottish born DJ Kode9 began making "Weird Garage" music at his home in Edinburgh. Moving to London he started the influential Hyperdub blog, and in 2002 put out his first release, a 12" by dubstep superstar Burial. The blog became a label and the rest - including his chest-busting remix of Massive Music's 'Find My Way' - is history. He's bringing his sound laboratory to Chop Suey this Tuesday night, July 9. The Stranger's Charles Mudede has a well-informed (if slightly overheated) write-up here.

This video for a Kode9 dubplate remix from 2006 features lots of archival footage of the legendary King Stitt, "the world's oldest living DJ."

According to reports, Kode9 is currently researching and writing a book on sonic warfare.

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