Monday, March 24, 2008

PunK Rock FLea MarKet the tHird

Oh man, don't even tell me that you missed the third Punk Rock Flea Market.

What a scene! 46 vendors sold clothes, crafts, stickers, toys, decoupaged shoes. We had vegan baked goods, grilled chicken sandwiches, and fresh Vietnamese spring rolls from the new owner of Saigon Bistro. Pepita cut 20-odd heads of hair ($10 a haircut, or $15 with a shot of booze.) We saw young punks, old farts, a contingent from Bellingham, a bunch of bikers from the Dead Baby Bike Club... in all, more than 800 people came through the door on a gorgeous spring Saturday. Plus we raised close to $1000 for LIHI!

And this man, DJ Port-a-Party, rocked the basement for thirteen freakin' hours. He was spinning, and selling, 45's and LP's - everything from Black Flag to Yma Sumac and back again.

We're working on the mid-summer edition of the PRFM, sometime around the end of June. We're talking about moving into the parking lot next door to our current space and having double the number of vendors, an outdoor stage and a beer garden. No promises at this point except it's gonna be good. Damn good. We're really on to something here. Lots more photos of PRFM3 at the myspace page and on Dance Music for Depressed People's website.

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