Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Don't Hurt Tim Fite

I was excited to hear that musical iconoclast Tim Fite is finally making an appearance in Seattle. Fite, who hails from Brooklyn, made something of a name for himself by recording a pair of albums featuring only himself and samples from records purchased for less than $1. Despite the self imposed limitations, the records "Two Minute Blues" and "Gone Ain't Gone" are little masterpieces of wry social observation and quirky musicality. His most recent recording, "Over the Counter Culture" uses the same formula, but the anger and bitterness are ratcheted up two or three notches. True to his anti-capitalist stance, the record is ONLY available for free download right here on Fite's website.

Fite plays on Tuesday April 8th at Chop Suey.

This ingenious video for a song from Fite's 2005 album "Gone Ain't Gone" features a mixture of rear projection animations, shadow puppets, and an amazing little film of white mice crawling through a city made of cheese. Wickedly clever, like the man himself.

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