Friday, October 19, 2007

Punk Rock Flea Market

The first Punk Rock Flea Market on September 15th was a smashing success. With the blessing of LIHI, a non-profit housing developer who owns the space, I ventured down into the Belltown basement that once held the depressing “Downunder” nightclub to set up shop. After cleaning the place up, with much help from Kim Johnson and The Corey, and posting as much free advertising as we could manage, we swung wide the barn doors. On the day, some 40-odd vendors entered and arrayed themselves, selling absolutely everything from clothes to food to bootleg CD’s to hand-made cat toys. I sold about 100 bucks worth of silk screened goods and books, and I picked up a bunch of zines, a cool pair of barely-used shoes, a catnip duck and a bronze statue of Ganesh. Score!Over the course of the day, more than 500 people paid a buck to get in and shop. The dollars went back to the Low Income Housing Institute. Later in the evening 3 excellent bands played (Tiny Manhood, Sea Donkeys & Geist,) & and beer flowed freely. Combining cheap goods, punk music, lefty politics and beer is clearly a winning strategy. We are going to hold future flea markets on a typically anarchistic time frame - every so often until they tear the place down. The next Punk Rock Flea Market is scheduled for December 1. It’s still just $25 for a table and just $1 to get in, buy stuff, hear live music and drink beer. Drop me a note if you want to participate!

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stewed prune said...

I Looove a good flea market.Although NYC living necessitates a paring down for sanity. I met recently Lovid from the kristin Lucas show--they started something called La Superrette, not unlike the Punk Rock Flea!
Their work is amazing--don't miss the Elctr Sketch on the site!