Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nomadic Atelier stakes new ground

Curator and thriftstore bon vivant Paul Pauper has been running the Form/Space Atelier as a nomadic gallery and lecture hall for nearly five years, roaming from free space to free space as circumstances allow. Amazingly, the Form/Space Atelier has run nearly continuously in four different homes in or near downtown Seattle, showcasing dozens of powerful exhibits by both well known and unknown artists, and many fine lectures on subjects artistic and cultural.

Currently, the Atelier calls Belltown home. The gallery is located in a vacated hallway at 2407 1st Avenue. The current exhibit, new oil paintings on a decidedly gothic theme by muralist Jeff Jacobsen, the founder of potent graffiti co-op Writer’s Union will be on view until October 28. The next lecture is planned for November 14, at which Kyle MacDonald, famed for his accomplishments with a single red paper clip, will present a talk and slide show about the experience.

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