Saturday, February 9, 2013

We Buy White Albums

Rutherford Chang's new store is open for business. The store stocks exactly one thing: copies of the Beatles' White Album. Chang has so far collected over 650 first-pressings of the iconic records, an edition which runs in excess of 3 million. He aims to amass as many copies as possible, in the process creating an archive, listening library, and anti-store to house and grow his collection. Rather than selling the albums, he will buy more from anyone willing to part with an original pressing in any condition.

"Shoppers" are invited to browse the collection and listen to the records. In the process, Chang will digitally record every scratched and warped album, and will document each gatefold cover and disc label, which are weathered and worn, often carrying marks or writing from previous owners. Chang's project aims to celebrate this beautiful technology skating on the edge of extinction. More info, including details on selling your copy, over here. And check out some photos of the shop, which actually exists, over here.

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