Sunday, February 19, 2012

Missing Links

There's just too much internet out there. You know as well as me, it's impossible to keep up. So instead of trying to write about the countless things that catch my eye, I'm going to start just posting lists of links occasionally. I'm calling the series "missing links" which probably isn't original, but I still like the sound of it.

* "'Fail better' is now experimental literature’s equivalent of that famous Che Guevara photo, flayed completely of meaning and turned into a successful brand with no particular owner." * Hollywood tryouts for black cats, 1961. * Boomtown, Bill Vaccaro's photo series about fireworks stores * “What We Talk About When We Talk About Joan Didion” * Typewriter erotica from the 1920's * Things organized neatly * MoMA announces a Kraftwerk retrospective * Riding the bicycle school bus * The New York Public Library now offers the Stereogranimator to create animated GIFs * Splendid etchings by tattoo artist and semi-professional boxer Tony Fitzpatrick at Seattle's Davidson Galleries * Josie & the Pussycats in A Clockwork Orange. * Neighbors are breaking ground on a public food forest in Seattle's Beacon Hill *

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