Thursday, January 6, 2011

Song of Tent City

Since November 27th Seattle Poet Mimi Allin has been living as the Poet In Residence at Tent City 3, one of Seattle’s migratory homeless encampments. Tether Design Gallery volunteered their gallery space for an exhibit based on the experience. The show includes an installation of Mimi's tent, poetry and handwritten journal entries written by homeless people living in Tent City, and audio recordings of Tent City residents.

The opening takes place tonight, January 6th, as part of the First Thursday Pioneer Square art walk. The show runs until January 20th. Read more about Mimi's experiences at her blog Song Of Tent City.


A K Mimi Allin said...

Mimi Allin is the correct spelling.

Gurldoggie said...

Change noted. Thanks.

A K Mimi Allin said...

Love the Nick Tosches quote!!