Thursday, September 9, 2010


On Friday September 10th local artist, film maker, disc jockey, bicycle revolutionary and semi-professional drinker Rob Zverina releases the fourth volume of his beautiful film collection RobZ TV.

Since 2003, Zverina has filmed tens of thousands of unscripted video shorts using only a pocket camera. He routinely chooses the best of these and compiles them into lovely 2 DVD sets featuring dozens of films, all shorter than 1 minute, which are equal parts documentary, cinema verite and serendipitously perfect moving images. The films in volume 4 were recorded between May and October 2004 and feature restaurant work, kisses, the Jones Soda promo van, strangers at the Seattle Public Library, beer taps, and counting pebbles on a beach.

The screening will be an informal affair at a new Capitol Hill vintage clothing store, Indian Summer at 534 East Mercer Street, hosted by owner Adria Garcia. DJ Port-a-Party will be on hand to provide a soundtrack. The films will be projected through a window and visible from the street as well.

DVDs of Volume 4 are available at the event for $10 each or you can order them direct from Rob. The films start as soon as it's dark enough.


z.briedis said...

extremely inspiring (as always)! what "pocket camera" does he use?

Bikejuju said...

In one of those odd synchronicity moments, I read this post and then about 3 hours later I was sitting at Lullaby Moon and the folks behind me had a copy of this DVD in their hands and were discussing it!

Gurldoggie said...

I've seen him with a whole range of outdated Canon digital cameras. My guess is he buys old Canons with video settings from thrift stores and uses 'em until them die.