Thursday, June 3, 2010


Designer Nicolas Lampert and printer Dan S. Wang recently collaborated on a print to voice their opposition to the Arizona Immigration Bill SB-1070. The print references the look and the phrasing of a 1851 broadside that was created in resistance to the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 alerting fugitive slaves and citizens to have a “Top Eye” open for the police who were empowered to detain all “suspected” escaped slaves.

Prints are free if you live in Arizona and are available for sale here if you live elsewhere, though most of the edition has already been hung in the streets of AZ.

The poster reads:


You are respectfully CAUTIONED and advised, to avoid conversing with the Watchmen, Police Officers, and INS Agents of ARIZONA, For since the recent order of Governor Brewer who signed SB-1070, they are empowered to act as


And they have made it a crime to be undocumented in Arizona. They have also been empowered to stop and interrogate every individual in the state regardless of their citizenship status to check for documents. Therefore, if you value your LIBERTY, and the welfare of migrant workers, Shun them in every possible manner and resist the climate of xenophobia in Arizona and beyond.

Keep a Sharp Look Out for
KIDNAPPERS, and have
TOP EYE open.

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Anonymous said...

This is just history repeating itself. I thought of Jim Crow as soon as I heard about that racist plot. Thank you for saying what I was thinking. I am not Latino but they have rights too. Respect is the most priceless thing that we can give our fellow humans.