Friday, August 7, 2009

Stay the Night

After sitting vacant for who knows how long, the historic Lorraine Hotel in the heart of Belltown is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Owner/developer Lee Kindell is remaking the long dilapidated 30-room hotel into a traveler's hostel, with each room decorated by a different Seattle street artist. The painting project is being curated by Jen Vertz of Upper Playground Seattle. I had a chance to visit the project recently, and saw all manner of gorgeous work being done by such Seattle artists as Joey Nix, Weirdo, Soule, PG, EGO, and many many others. The common areas, bathrooms, kitchens and entrance ways are also getting a grand makeover. Even in its current embryonic state, the Seattle City Hostel is beautiful to behold.

More about the Hostel project here. More images from the work in progress here.

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