Monday, January 5, 2009

Ong Ong

Ong Ong is a delicious Seattle 'zine produced by a fine collective of local writers, artists and printers, and overseen by gal-about-town Lucy Moorhouse. The beautiful book is simultaneously a throwback to the golden days of 'zine culture, and a great leap forward over hastily produced blogs like this one. Each irregularly produced issue features a treasure trove of smart local writing, full color illustrations, and an unpredictable hodgepodge of goodies like CD's, mini-comics, and hand printed stickers. The latest issue, #5, features a silk screened cover by Seattle illustrator Chris Ando.

The book is due to be released at a party/concert/variety show on January 10th at the beautiful Nonsequitur chapel space in the attic of Wallingford's Good Shepherd Center. Clown oracle Queen Shmooquan hosts magician Tom Carroll, award winning animator Stefan Gruber and an impressive array of local misfits.

Should you miss the party, Ong Ong will be available for just $7 (cheap!) at independent booksellers in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco & Minneapolis, or online from their dedicated volunteers.

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