Monday, November 17, 2008

Drawing a Line

Northwest artist Hans Nelsen is known for his exquisite woodwork. His large and elaborate pieces, often painstakingly hewn from a single block of wood, are remarkably subtle and poetic, and for this reason are regularly chosen to adorn area churches, libraries, and the regional Children's Hospital. Locally, Hans is represented by the William Traver Gallery.

In conversation with Hans the other day, he surprised me by showing me a body of pen-and-ink drawings that he had completed as a much younger man in the 1960's. He traveled through Seattle, New York and London, drawing buildings, parks and people with amazing skill, working for architect Victor Steinbreuck, and publishing the occasional drawing in long gone literary magazines. I insisted on his making these pictures available to a larger body of viewers, and he laughingly obliged by scanning a dozen images and allowing me to post them here on the Gurldoggie flickr page. Check 'em out and send Hans an appreciative note.

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The Corey said...

These are amazing, thanks for sharing. I knew the man had talent but geez...