Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Free Sheep Foundation

Two great looking art openings/ events in Seattle this weekend.

On Friday 8/8/08, at 8:00 pm, Seattle's nomadic arts organization, the Free Sheep Foundation hold their second opening at their current home at Third Avenue and Battery Street in Belltown. DK Pan and his revolving roster of artists have created a series of exhibits in the display windows, on the sidewalks, and on the walls, floors and ceilings of the slated-for-destruction 10,000 foot gallery. The theme of the current program is 'Childhood Olympiad' and features glosses on games like tether ball, hopscotch and hangman from local artists Static Invasion, Karn Junkinsmith, NKO and DK Pan himself.

The cabaret show begins at 10:30 and features a performance from local hiphop legend Specs, aka. "The Holy Ghost of Northwest hip-hop."

The Free Sheep gallery is open to the public on Friday afternoons. Writing in the Stranger, Jen Graves said: "what draws Free Sheep artists together is their sense of theater, of event-ness, of time. So far, the artists behind Free Sheep have delivered ephemeral monuments to the ephemeral monument we all live in, the city. They've been mythic and short-lived; the challenge now will be to preserve that spirit over the length of a three- or six-month lease...It's a moveable feast of artists in real-estate purgatory."

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