Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Puppet Show

I've been collecting puppet-themed short films from around the world for the upcoming Drunk Puppet Film Festival. In doing so, I've met some remarkable people and been exposed to many beautiful, bizarre and outrageous films. Puppeteers are a notoriously hard bunch to pin down, so the date of the festival remains nebulous, but I will start screening some of my glorious finds here on the web.

This absurd and gorgeous animated puppet film, Anthropo-Cynical Farce, was made in 1970 by the Japanese master Kihachiro Kawamoto. Kawamoto is currently touring the United Kingdom with a program of his films.

And for those whose hunger for puppet and animation films is more than I can satisfy, The Motion Brigades has a powerhouse of a Youtube channel "Dedicated to showcasing stop motion animation from the masters of the genre, with focus on rare and hard to find titles." Enjoy.

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