Friday, February 8, 2008

Dead Baby Bicycle Film Festival

The dedicated bike riders, bike makers and bike-o-holics at Dead Baby Bikes are holding the 1st ever Dead Baby Bikes International Independent Film Festival on May 1st, where else but at the Underground Events Center. They have issued a call for any and all bike related films. According to the organizers they've already got a few great entries (including a "shot-by-shot remake of Easy Rider, but on bicycles" and some "shockingly inappropriate bike porn") but they want more.

They have way too much information on their mess of a website , but you should be able to find your way through it to submit your film. Like the Dead Babies say, "Ride fast, take chances."

And while we're waiting to see the films, here's a gorgeous piece of bicycle movie making from a New York City messenger race that's been circling around the internet for a few years. It's 7:00 long but I never get tired of watching it.

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