Monday, December 3, 2007


One of the more colorful vendors at both Punk Rock Flea Markets thus far has been Salamandir. Salamandir sells incense and statuettes of Hindu god Ganesh, although “sells” is hardly the operative word. His practice is far more devotional than commercial. I made a point of chatting with Salamandir at this market, and learned a little more about his venture. Unlike the standard hippy with an Indian fetish, Salamandir claims a first-hand experience with the elephant-headed deity. Several years back, Salamandir woke up in the hospital recovering from a sudden and completely unexpected brain injury that occurred while he was fast asleep. On the point of death, he encountered Ganesh, who guided him back to the world of the living. He made a pledge that if he was ever to recover, he would devote himself to the canny and mischievous spirit who revived him. Thus the creation of Hybrid Elephant products.

Salamandir now travels to street fairs and craft shows in this car, painted with the first hundred names of Ganesh in Sanskrit, and spreads the word about the ancient divinity known as the Remover of Obstacles.

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